Senior Class

Robert Albers
Tom Alcoze
Jim Allison
James Anderson
Larry Bacon
Charles Barfknecht
Ray Barfknecht
Pat Barrett
Lilla Baughman
Kim Berry
Wayne Bogan
Jackie Bolin
James Boren
Jo Anna Boyd
Sharon Boyd
James Bragg
Becky Brown
Dick Burpo
Boyd Burris
Tom Burroughs
Tommy Capehart
Jeanne Carruth
Vickie Chappel
Bill Chew
Susan Clack
Billie Kay Collins
Cathy Crawford
Susan Crawford
Luana Day
Becky Eaves
Steve Ebsen
Carol Edwards
Charlie Elkins
Butch Flanagen
Shirley Fuller
Jim Franklin
Jerry Galler
Gary Garrison
Glenda Garrison
Jeanie Garrison
Linda Gilbreath
George Gober
John Graham
Gayle Gravley
Jackie Greener
Nancy Greer
Alex Gregory
Clyde Grissom
Shelia Grissom
Jerry Grubbs
Charlie Hammond
Don Hammonds
Billy Hawk
David Herron
Sharon Hester
Kaye Higgins
Charlotte Hogue
Lauretta Holt
Jeralyn Holtzman
James Huckabee
Charles Hudson
Alan Hunsaker
Susie Irby
Linda Jackson
James Johnson
Pat Kirby
Jim Kitchen
Robert Landrum
Charles Low
Jack McKenzie
Linda McNabb
Ben Marcom
Clyde Martin
Sherry Mercer
Laura Miller
Brad Moore
Mike Moore
Jill Morris
Tommy Nations
Bob Neff
Bill Nix
Lloyd Odle
Brenda Oliver
Sheila Orton
Bobby Peck
Marion Peters
Larry Pipkin
Penny Porter
Edgar Redman
Martha Revier
Jerry Riddles
Don Ridinger
Kathy Ridinger
Judy Robbins
Rocky Runnels
Sandra Rushing
Monette Sewell
Sheila Shawn
Leonard Smith
Eileen Stewart
Shirley Stillwell
Jack Suggs
Rick Testa
David Tillery
Steve Thiede
Johnny Thomas
Sharon Todd
Monty Tolleson
Terry Turk
Pam Veal
Eddie Vinson
Connie Weger
Peggy White
Eddie Wilhelm
Nancy Winters
Jack Youngblood

The only classmates with individual pages are those whose pictures were in the 1965 Farmer or who graduated with us.  Bill Chew, Garry Garrison, Edgar Redman, Rick Testa graduated with the Class of 1965, but their pictures were not in the year book.  If there is someone else who graduated with our class who was omitted from the yearbook, please advise by e-mail.

If you have new pictures of yourself or group shots of your family or important news about you, your family or some other classmate, please send them in by

Hope you enjoy and help up-date our Class Album.