Luana Day


5/7/9 last update

Luana Day Lee

12727 Lee Rd, Waller  77484
phone 936.372.9942

Husband:  Loyl (deceased, 2013)
Children:  2 sons, 1 daughter, 2 grandkids

Profession:  Waller ISD (18 years)
2013:  Luana lost Loyl
2002 Status:   Married to Loyl Lee for 35 years; 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren.

Our daughter and her husband live in Spring, TX with their 2 children.  Both of our sons are getting married this summer.  Our son, Lloyd, is an engineer for Tokyo Electron America.  Our youngest child, David, is an electrical engineering student at Lamar University.

I have worked with Waller ISD for 18 years and still love it.  My co-workers are my good friends in and away from the office.  So life is good.

People told me I would be said when my children left home, but that day has not come.  I enjoy spending time with them, but I enjoy spending time with my husband and having a life not revolved around baseball games, girlfriends and excuses for being in on time.

We live in the country with cows and dogs, but close enough to Houston to shop.  Raising my children and working for the school district has been wonderful.  Waller reminds me so much of the Lewisville of our youth.  People know you and community events are really special.
1990 Reality:  She lives in Waller, Texas.
Graduation Prophecy:  Accepted to Moon Colony, so she can practice javelin shots.