Jo Anna Boyd


12094 Jackson Rd.,
Krum  TX  76249


Education:  U of North Texas, BA

Business:  Boyd Limousine Ranch
Graduation Prophecy:  JoAnna cancelled her spot in the Moon Colony because the terrain of the Moon isn't conductive to barrel racing.
2005:  Still pushing cattle and tending to horses, but she prefers a 4-wheeler these days!



Susan Crawford Lett, Joanna, Nelda Ebsen, Elizabeth Aries Putthoff, Bob (Sharon Boyd) Wallingford @ 2005 Reunion    James Bragg & Joanna @ 2005 Reunion
Jerry & Brenda (Oliver Boozer) w/Joanna Joanna & Bradley Moore
2001 Status:  Still owns ranch in Sulphur Springs but has moved her cattle operations to Krum to be with her mother; SINGLE.
1990 Reality:  Jo Anna uses her BA from NTSU (UNT) to run her Sulphur Springs ranch were she raises Limousii cattle.