Nancy Greer


5/7/9 last update

Nancy Greer Barfknecht

343 Parkwood, Lewisville  75067

Husband:  RayChildren:  Matt, Lesley, 1 grandson

Business:  Secretary, LISD Special Education
Class Prophecy:  Cancelled her spot in the Colony because there would be no sailors on the Moon.
2005:  Still married to her first husband.
Nancy & Jeanie Garrison Peabody
@ 2005 Reunion
Jane & Charles Barfknecht, Ray & Nancy
@ 2005 Reunion
2001 Status:  She is now the Secretary for Special Education, has a granson, but she is still MARRIED TO HER FIRST HUSBAND.  
1990 Reality:  Nancy is the LHS Registrar.  She gave up sailors for an Army man.  She and Ray have 2 sons.