Tom Burroughs


7626 Chattington Dr., Dallas  75248


Wife:  Judy
Children:  Jason, Mike, Steven, William; 
2 granddaughters

Education:  MBA; U of North Texas, BBA
Military:  USAF, 6 years; USN, 10 years + Reserve;

Business:  currently DoD/Afghanistan

Graduation Prophecy:  Rejected for Moon Colony because he couldn't convince us his intentions were honorable.

2009:  Tom & Judy attended Multi-Class Reunion
Susan Crawford Lett, James Johnson & Tom
 @ 2005 Reunion
Charlotte Hogue McMahon, Jackie Bolin Alcoze,
John Alcoze & Tom @ 2005 Reunion
2/06/03  Not a lot of news from my family. 
    My four sons are doing well.  Oneís married, lives in
Richardson and works at Perot Systems.   One is unemployed and having the devilís time finding work.  One goes to Richland College.  The last is a Junior at Richardson High School.  
   I work for the Defense Contract Audit Agency as an Auditor is in Dallas at the TI campus on North Central Expy.  Judy still works for the IRS downtown Dallas.
   I sure hope I live long enough to retire.  If I donít Ė Iím gonna be real pissed!  Actually, I have enough time in the Reserves to retire, but I still go to drill because ultimately more drill points means more retirement pay.  However, I canít get a penny until age 60!  I plan to work for the DCAA until I can double-dip for retirement.

Tommy Burroughs, Becky (Boyd) Orr &
Sharon Boyd


2001 Status:  8/01 Tom has left the Treasury Inspector General's Office to go to the Defense Contract Auditing Agency.  He lives in Dallas and is still MARRIED TO HIS FIRST WIFE. 
1990 Reality:  Tom earned a BBA at NTSU (UNT).  After 6 years in the Air Force and 10 in the Navy, Tom's still in the Navy Reserve.  Tom is married, has 4 sons and lives in Dallas.