Dick Burpo


Richard Burpo

1509 Lewis Blvd. , Grand Forks, ND  
701.780.9288, 888.292.2969

Education:  Central State College (Edmond, OK) and University of Texas @ Arlington 

Business:  Owns a trucking company, starting a health food business
Graduation Prophecy:  Accepted to moon colony as a dance instructor.
2005 Notice of Reunion came back, bad address.  Dick, get in touch.
2001 Status:  Since school, sad to admit, I never won an Oscar or the Pulitzer, and never got that marriage thing down too good.  Currently divorced several times over and working on setting up website(s) for me.  Never kept in touch until now and hope that some of you can refresh my memory on what an *** I might have been.  Looking forward to hearing from some of you.
1990 Reality:  Dick is lost somewhere in Oklahoma.