Jim Kitchen


2/12/10 last update

Jim Kitchen - DECEASED 2009

Children:  Christi, Shannon, Amanda, Lindsey: 2 granddaughters

Education:  El Centro JC

Business:  Retired

Graduation Prophecy:  Rejected for Moon Colony because he is too shy and modest to become a successful member of the community.
2005: Retired and married to Beverly.
Marty Elkins, Beverly & Jim Kitchens, Charlie Elkins
@ 2005 Reunion
Beverly & Jim, Charlie Elkins @ 2005 Reunion
Beverly (Andrews) Kitchen & 
Jim Kitchen at 5/01 Reunion
2001 Update:  Jim is retired and is now married to Beverly Andrews.
1990 Reality:  Jim is a sales manager with Payless in Lewisville.  He has 4 children.