Marion Peters


5/7/9 last update

Marion Peters Mendoza

1256 Stone Ln., Celina  75009

Children:  Stephanie & Michael
4 grandchildren

Business:  Ofc Mgr, Grocery Store

Graduation Prophecy:  Accepted to Moon Colony with her 10 little Indians.
2005:  No response to reunion invitation
2002 Status:  Divorced.  Owns and lives on 500 wooded acres in the big hills of Kentucky.  Is the office manager of a local grocery store.  Daughter has 2 sons (Zachery & Garth).  Son has a daughter and son (J.M. & Annmarae).  She says "I am as country as country can get." 7/28/02
1990 Reality:  Marion keeps inmates in line as a Detention Officer with Collin County.  She has 2 daughters, 1 grandchild and lives in Celina.