Alan Hunsaker


Alan Hunsaker

No address information


Wife:  Jo
Children:  Heather, Holly and 4 grandkids

Education:  Texas Wesleyan FW, BBA

Business:  AAAD Association

2/17/09  - Alan says he had a heart transplant 1/4/05, doing well.  Takes lots of meds, but otherwise surgery was a success.  Works fulltime.  Still married to his first wife.
Graduation Prophecy:  Moon Colony Casualty, Alan was struck by lighting and is prematurely confined to an old men's home.
2005:  Alan needs to phone home -- if he's out there.
2001 Status:  No new information
1990 Reality:  Alan messes with old cars now.  He earned a BBA at TWC.  He and his wife have just moved to Memphis.