Charlie Elkins


Charlie Elkins - DECEASED

2011 Gallante, Carrollton  75007

Wife:  Martha (Marty)
Children:  René

Cooke County JC, ASB

Business:  Lanier Professional Services


John Graham, James Bragg, Mike Moore & Charlie Marty Elkins, Beverly Andrews Kitchens, Jim Kitchens, Charlie @ 2005 Reunion
2013 - Deceased
Dec 2004:
I was employed by Times Herald Printing Company from 2/69-12/91.  It was a good job, an excellent paper, until it was sold to Dean Singleton (Media News Group). Everything went down-hill from there.  I was assistant manager in the Distribution Center, a department with 100 plus employees.  I can't complain about my life since the Herald closed.  I have changed jobs twice and both times landed a very good position. But I must say I miss working there dearly.
  I am employed by Lanier Professional Services, and office at the Verizon Headquarters building in Irving TX. Phone 972-718-1598;