Don Hammonds


Don Hammonds

P.O. Box 863, Lake Dallas  75065
940-321-6592;  2014

Education:  UNT; self-taught in mathematics and computer programming; numerous professional real estate classes

last update 8/24/14

1965   2009
  The Science Research Class of 1965 consisted of Jill, Cathy, Eileen, George, Jack, Larry, Monty, Bradley, Charles and myself.

Here's a picture of me thanking a guest speaker for that class. You can see George and Monty in the picture also. And I think I see half of Eileen's face outside the door. I don't remember seeing any photos or other information about this class in our 1965 Farmer annual.


2005:0Don still lives in Lake Dallas but now is into internet stock trading; SINGLE..
Elizabeth Aries Putthoff, James Johnson & Don
@ 2005 Reunion
Larry Pipkin & Don @ 2005 Reunion
July 2003.  Thanks very much. Feb 2003
  Don in Lake Dallas, 2001
Don Hammonds 

@ 5/01 Reunion
Graduation Prophecy:  Rejected for the Moon Colony because we don't want him corrupting our Moon Maidens.
1990 Reality:  Don lives in Lake Dallas and concentrates on computer programming.