Rick Testa


Rick Testa


Wife:  Paula Anderson Testa

Children:  Debbie, Chris;
1 granddaughter

Rick Testa
Paula & Rick are living the good life in Nevada - 2010
photo of RICHARD  L. TESTA

   Richard L. Testa, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is Director, Headquarters Information and Communications Support, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, Washington, D.C. Mr. Testa also serves as the Chief Information Officer for the Air Staff, and directs the activities of subordinate divisions and field operating agencies providing all supporting communications and information management functions in the National Capital Region.

 His responsibilities include the planning, programming, budgeting, operations and maintenance of all Air Staff information and communications services and capabilities. In addition, Mr. Testa oversees the operation of the Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency, which is also responsible for command and control support to the National Military Command Center and executive travel support to senior Department of Defense officials.
    Prior to joining the Senior Executive Service, Mr. Testa served for more than 30 years in the Air Force and Air National Guard. He has commanded at squadron and group levels, and held senior officer positions at major commands and at Headquarters U.S. Air Force. An experienced tactical communicator, Mr. Testa frequently deployed on worldwide military training and contingency operations, including an assignment as Director of Communications for Joint Task Force - Southwest Asia, Operation Southern Watch. Mr. Testa retired from military service as a major general.

1969 BBs Adm, NTSU, Denton
1976 Squadron Officer School
1979 Air Command and Staff College
1985 National Security Management Course
1996 MS Ed., Old Dominion U, Norfolk, Va
2001 Status:   Rick made a lateral transfer from Air Force to Air National Guard.  He is now a Brigadier General.  


8/24/04 Rick reports :  I've been reassigned to the Pentagon in an "active reserve" status, which means Paula and I will spend somewhere between 3 and 6 months each year in the D.C. area.  
The rest of the time I will be traveling to various locations, so we've decided to move somewhere closer to our kids and the grandbaby!  We're currently on a six month lease here in Reno - not sure what we will be doing next - however this email address will remain good for the foreseeable future.  Stay in touch
1990 Reality:   After earning a BBS at UNT, Air Force Co. Testa has devoted to the military.  Not the career most would have expected for him.  He was so creative with his excuses for absences, we thought he would either be published by now or teaching surfing somewhere in California.  He and Paula are in California with their 2 children.  He is STILL MARRIED TO HIS FIRST WIFE.
Graduation Prophecy:  Rejected for Moon Colony because he was absent the day of his appointment.