Mike Moore


5/10/9 update

Mike Moore

5919 Club Hill Pl, Dallas  75248
972.733.0949h, 972.934-3446w

Wife:  Laurie 

Education:  U of North Texas, BA
Business:  United States Funding Group & Diversified Cor. Resources, Inc.

Graduation Prophecy:  Rejected for Moon Colony, because, as Talent Scout for Bunny Clubs America, we don't want him taking our girls back to Earth as bunnies.
Mike, Steve & Nelda Ebsen @ 2005 Reunion Laurie (Michael) Moore, Larry Pipkin
@ 2005 Reunion
2001 Status:  Happily married to Laurie and living in Dallas.
1990 Reality:  Either of his 2 dates at our 20th Reunion would have made Bunny of the Year, but he is now a respectable businessman who owns an investment firm in Dallas.