Charles Barfknecht


3575 CR 424, Muenster  TX  76252

wife:  Jane

Chad, Lisa; 1 grandson

Dallas Fire Dept., retired
Charles Barfknecht Saddlery, Horse Boarding

Graduation Prophecy:  Accepted to moon colony, as our answer to Barry Goldwater, in your heart you know he's right.
2005 Status:  Retired.  Still building saddles and riding horses, but spends most of his time up in Muenster, and he's still married to his first wife.
Charles, Jill Morris Coyle,Doug Coyle,
Ray & Nancy Greer Barfknecht @ 2005 Reunion
Jane & Charles,Ray & Nancy Barfknecht @ 2005 Reunion
2001 Status:  Retired from firefighting; owns/operates Charles Barfknecht Saddlery and boards horses; still MARRIED TO HIS FIRST WIFE.

Sharon Boyd, Charles Barfknecht & Robert Albers
1990 Reality:  Fire Chief Barfknecht has been with the Highland Village Fire Dept. for 15 years and a paramedic with Dallas FD for 18 years.  He and Jane live in Lewisville with 2 children.