Robert Landrum


6/17/10 last update

Robert Landrum

100 Redwood Dr., Highland Village  75077


Wife:  Rita Rai

Business:  TI
Graduation Prophecy:  Rejected for Moon Colony because he couldn't convince us his intentions were honorable.
2005:  Robert & the Lovely Rita attended.
  Jill Morris Coyle & Robert Landrum
02/27/02 A few weeks ago I was able to transfer to Lewisville site.  Yes I am still working for Texas Instruments.  TI rented and continues to rent a wing of the original site here in Lewisville to house our in-house main frame computer.  I have been very happy with this change and intend to work here till I retire.  I only have a vague notion of when I will retire but do not expect it will be more than 5 years.  Robert
2001 Status:  Robert is still with TI.  He volunteers at night at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Dallas.  Robert is still single.
1990 Reality:  Robert is single a touring motorcyclist.  He's with TI and lives in Flower Mound.