Cathy Crawford


Cathy Crawford Garrett

236 W College, Lewisville  75057

Husband:  Frank (deceased, 2014)
Children:  Will, Michael, David
Grandchildren:  1 grandson

Education:  Austin College, BA, Psychology
Texas Women's U, BS, RN
Business:  Nursing
4/19/10 last update
Graduation Prophecy:  Rejected from Moon Colony post because her book of dirty jokes was banned from our colony.
2014:   Frank passed away in July after brief illness.
2005:  Still work in nursing and Frank and Cathy live in her grandmother's house.
Kathy Ridinger Walls, Frank & Cathy Garrett
 @ 2005 Reunion
Cathy & Frank Garrett & Elizabeth Aries Putthoff
@ 2005 Reunion
2001 Status:  She is now Cathy Crawford Garrett.  Cathy and Frank live in Lewisville and have 3 children between them.
1990 Reality:  Now, that she's a mother, Cathy Crawford Parr swears she never even heard a dirty joke, much less told one.  She earned a BA at Austin College and a BS at TWU.  She's been in nursing 8 years.  Cathy is married with 1 son and living in Lewisville.