Jeanne Carruth


5/7/9 last update

Jeanne Carruth Cartwright

616 Meadowbrook, Jackson  MS  39206
601.362.6890; 601.982.5467

Husband:  Mike
Children:  Candy and twins Chris & Carla

Education:  BA, University of Mississippi,
Masters Jackson State University

Business:  M
aritz, Inc.
4/15/07  My updates:  I have four children, Candice (with two grandchildren), Chris and Carla (twins), and Jennifer, our youngest, is the one about to marry. 
   The first three are my stepchildren, as Mike and I are in our second marriage, although we are approaching our 29th anniversary! So, they are definitely all ours!
   I graduated from the University of Mississippi, aka Ole Miss, the sworn enemy of Mississippi State, and attained my Master's from Jackson State University--all in psychology, sociology.  Been working the last three years as a process improvement consultant/facilitator for Maritz, Inc., who contracts me out to General Motors.  Should have joined some of the guys whose heads were under their car hoods at the Dairy Queen to see what was so interesting. 
   The pictures of the 2005 reunion were so amazing!  Everyone seemed to be having a good time and looked so good!  I stopped overnight with Jackie Alcoze this February as a stranded traveler from the dust storm when DFW closed.  Jackie caught me up on Lewisville.  It was great to see her and her family. 
   Guess that's the gist of my news!  The first picture is of Jennifer and fiance Peter, and the next one of Mike and me.  You'll notice from our family picture, that moon prophecy wasn't too far off. 

Jen & her fiance Peter

Mike & Jeanne

You'll notice from our family picture, that moon prophecy wasn't too far off. 

2/2007 - Jeanne is busy planning her daughter's wedding.  Still working.  Still married to Mike.
2005:  Haven't heard from Jeanie in a long time -- phone home.
1990 Reality:  Married, living in Mississippi with husband and 3 children; earned BA from University of Mississippi and Masters from Jackson State University; employed by Mississippi Power & Light
Graduation Prophecy:  Lady Governor of the State of Moon, Northern Stratosphere in the Year 1975