Sharon Boyd


Sharon Boyd

453 Frankie Ln., Lewisville   75057
h/972-436.2889; c/972.533.8714

Education:  U of North Texas, BA
Comptroller, Jack O'Boyle & Assoc.
Husband:  Robert (Bob) Wallingford

2014 - Moved back to Lewisville Oct, 2012; still working
2009:  Sharon attended the Multi-Class Reunion.  Chairs City of Dallas Board of Adjustment Panel C.  Still working, Comptroller for Jack O'Boyle & Assoc.
Sherry Mercer Huffman, Linda Gilbreath Jackson, Charlotte Hogue McMahon, Vikki Chappel Morris,
Sharon Boyd Wallingford - 6/26/06 - lunch
2005 Status:  Dallas political "gadfly" nemesis of bad guys, publishes; comptroller for law firm, Jack O'Boyle & Associates; MARRIED.
Jackie Bolin Alcoze & John Alcoze,
Sharon @ 2005 Reunion
Susan Crawford Lett, Joanna Boyd, Nelda Ebsen,
Elizabeth Aries Putthoff, Bob (Sharon Boyd) Wallingford
I'm married!

Lou Ella Boyd, Bill Gordon (my escort), Margaret Shaw Stewart (my Matron of Honor), Judge Faith Hill, Pat Boyd (my brother), Sharon & Bob Wallingford.

Judge Faith Hill, Pat Boyd, Bob & Sharon

Bob & Laura Miller, Ed Oakley

Brenda St Peter (Bob's Aunt), Lou Ella Boyd, (My Mother),
Pat Boyd, Bob and Sharon, Janell Boyd Davis

Bob and Sharon

This picture was actually taken for a 1999 Dallas Observer story about me, but it was reprinted with a Jim Schutze story that ran in 2001,
Absentee Minded.  
Picture: Mark Graham, Dallas Observe
My website is pretty popular among the political crowd in town  because I say outrageous things about obnoxious people.  

Of course, there are those who think I am pretty obnoxious. 

Tom Burroughs,  Becky (Boyd) Orr &
Sharon Boyd at 5/01 Reunion
1990 Reality:  Plan Commissioner Boyd earned a BA @ NTSU (UNT); operates a bookkeeping/management service; member of City of Dallas Plan Commission
Graduation Prophecy:  Director of Placements for moon colony