Ray Barfknecht


Ray Barfknecht

343 Parkwood, Lewisville  75067

Spouse:  Nancy Greer
Children:  Matt, Lesley

Business:  Glidden Paint Co.
Graduation Prophecy:  Accepted to moon colony, because he attains by hard work and by what others dream.
2005 Status:  Still married to his first wife.
Charles, Jill Morris Coyle,Doug Coyle,
Ray & Nancy Greer Barfknecht @ 2005 Reunion
Jane & Charles,Ray & Nancy Barfknecht @ 2005 Reunion

Robert Albers and Ray Barfknecht 
at 5/01 Reunion

2001 Status:  Still with Glidden, and still MARRIED TO HIS FIRST WIFE.
1990 Reality:  Married to Nancy Greer; lives in Lewisville with 2 children