Jack Suggs


5/7/9 last update

Jack Suggs

1116 Sherman St., McKinney  75069
cell  903.436.1759


Children:  Jason, RenÚ; 1 grandson

Business:  Photographer; publisher; advertising (TV/Radio Productions)
Graduation Prophecy:  Accepted to Moon Colony to teach advanced English literature.
2001 Status:  Jack is still in the publication business, produces TV/Radio ads.
Here's me with my daughter, ReneÚ, her son Jordan Christopher, and my son Jason. 
I weigh a bit less now, and Jason weighs more, but he's in Oregon, so new photo is possible.  Jordan will be 3 in March, he's a smart little thing, thinks he's about 8.

1990 Reality:  Jack has owned and operated several suburban publications.