Jeanie Garrison


Jeanie Garrison Peabody

5528 Jewell Ave, Ft Worth  76112

Husband:  Bill
Children:  Melissa, Michael
2 granddaughters

Business:  Church Secretary
Graduation Prophecy:   Accepted on Moon Colony because she finally settled down to only 1 guy.
2005:  Bill retired in 2004, Jeanie's retiring in 2005.
Jeanie, Tom (Susan Crawford) Lett, Bill,
Doug (Jill Morris) Coyle
@ 2005 Reunion
Jeanie & Susan Crawford Lett
@ 2005 Reunion

Jeanie (Garrison) Peabody, Charles Barfknecht, Teddy Daniels, Robert Albers, 
Ray Barfknecht at 5/01 Reunion

2001 Status:  Still a church secretary and MARRIED TO HER FIRST HUSBAND.
1990 Reality:  Jeanie is an elementary school secretary.  She and Billy have 2 children.