Steve Thiede


5/01/01 last update

Charles Stephen Thiede

2404 Park View, Lewisville  75067

Wife:  Ann
Children:  Malina, Charlton

Education:  Abilene Christian U, BS

Business:  DFW Int'l - Customs
(Retired 2009)

Graduation Prophecy:  Accepted to Moon Colony so we can get him away from his daddy.
2005:  Could not attend reunion.
2001 Status:  Steve is still with DFW.  He is STILL MARRIED TO HIS FIRST WIFE.
Steve, Ann & Charlton Thiede

@ 5/01 Reunion


1990 Reality:  Steve is a Daddy now to Malina and Charlton.  He earned a BS at Abilene Christian and is Sr. Customs Inspector at DFW.