Tom Alcoze


4124 E Broken Rock Loop; 
Flagstaff AZ  87004

Spouse:  Sally
Children:  Sky, Brean, Robin, CharleyEducation:  B.A., M.S., UNT; Ph.D., Michigan State University
Business:  Professor, U of Northern Arizona

Thomas Alcoze


B.A., University of North Texas, 1969
M. S. University of North Texas, 1972
Ph.D., Michigan State University. 1981

Photo of Dr. Alcoze
Photo of Thom Alcoze with fire
Thom Alcoze uses fire as a teaching tool.
Thom Alcoze has gathered his students in the Arizona wilderness. Smoke rises in the crisp air while the sun sets over the mountains. Alcoze has started a fire. It grows brighter as the sun fades. This is his classroom. Fire is his focus.

An associate professor of forestry who is part Cherokee, Alcoze (’69, ’72 M.S.) uses Native American tradition to inform students about modern forestry techniques and forest fires. His research involves the use of traditional Native American ecological knowledge for land-restoration practices.

“All life comes from fire,” says Alcoze, who teaches at Northern Arizona University. “The first fire is the sun giving life to the earth.”

from "
Burning Issues", The North Texan (University of  North Texas)
2002 Status - Dr. Alcoze is a Professor with University of Northern Arizona; and he is divorced.
1990 Reality - Dr. Alcoze is a Professor at Laurentian University in Canada, teaching native issues, biology and ecology.  He's married with 4 children.
Graduation Prophecy - Investigator of Cancellations for Membership to moon colony.