Missy & Swiss, 7/01  
Miss B (14 mos) & Swiss (11 mos), 12/00
Louie (13 yrs) & Swiss (11 mos)  12/00  
Miss B (Missy) Lab/Chow mix  12/00 - I got her in April, 2000.  Out looking for a neighbor's lost cat, and a man was walking this adorable 5 mos Lab mix.  She was all over me.  He said she was available for adoption at the vet on the corner of my neighborhood.  I went home and thought about it for maybe 10 minutes, grabbed my purse, went to the vet, plopped my money down for her adoption fees and shots.  She was about the size of Swiss below (for a couple of days).  You could almost see her growing.  She now weighs about 75 lbs., loves everyone, flirts with everyone and makes me laugh every day. 
Swiss is part Spaniel/Catahoula --  I got Swiss in June, 2000.  I was at my bank (formerly Swiss Ave Bank) on a Saturday morning.  I had just pulled out of the drive-in on to Peak and was planning to turn left on Live Oak.  A street bum was walking down the street with this little tiny puppy running behind him.  The bum cut right across traffic on Live Oak, and the puppy followed.  A pick up driver missed the bum and grazed the puppy.  Swiss ran under a Honda and was just screaming in pain.  Everyone but the bum and the pick up truck stopped.  The whole intersection just stopped.  I crawled under the Honda to pull Swiss out.  He was a filthy mess.   I took him to the vet.  Both sides of his jaws were fractured.  The vet let me bathe him for fleas there because that little fellow was carrying pounds of bugs on him.  My vet said we would have to anesthetize him to x-ray the jaws and would have to wait until Monday.  Long story short -- he had to go to a vet orthodontist, lots of money later, six weeks of taped muzzle and plastic bonnet, he recovered well.

The day I brought him, Missy assumed I had brought him home for her, and vice versa.  These two dogs just are such great pals.
Miss B is just a Southern belle.  She is either in full party hearty mode, or very pensive like this.
Cleo 17 when she passed, 10/00.  These pictures don't do her justice.  She was so sick and wasted with complications from asthma.  She had been lively and demanding -- always Alpha Cat from the time I brought her in from my patio, where her mother (a stray that I later adopted) delivered her and her siblings.
My living room, with some of my carnival collection 7/01