It's Elementary

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade

Pictures furnished by Brad Moore, Larry Pipkin, Susan Crawford Lett; additional information from Susan Crawford Lett and Jackie Bolin Alcoze.  If you have some pictures from elementary, junior high, high school that you want to include, please e-mail them.

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B. Valentine Play -  Mrs. Castleberry's 1st Grade
1. Carol Edwards
2. Susie Morris
3. Sandra Williams
4. Jeanie Garrison
1. Steve Thiede
2. Priscilla Weger
3. Larry Bacon
3. Dwayne Byler
4. James Haynes
5. Rick Edmondson
1.  Sharon Hester?
2. Billy Hilliard
3.  Jackie Bolin
4. Michael Bullock
1. Charlotte Hogue
2. Luana Day
3. Sherry Anderson
B.4                                                                        B.5
1. Jimmy Smith
2. Gayla Davis
1. Shirley Dick
2. Eileen Stewart
1. Connie Weger
2. Johnny Thomas
3. Butch Flanagan
4. Henry Proffit
1. Jackie Greener
2. ___________